Background Guidance For Necessary Criteria For Acupuncture Alicante


I was in so much pain just getting out of bed took a lot of effort. His doctors prescribed fentanyl patches for pain relief around the clock. A few months ago, his therapist suggested he try something else acupuncture. I didnt think anything was going to work because I had been taking the medications for so long, but then I got to a point with the medication where the medication wasnt working either, he said. But now, Reali is off the pain meds. He gets acupuncture, and he practices tai chi and yoga at the VA Medical Center in Philadelphia to cope. He is getting his bachelors degree in psychology, and he attributes some of that progress to acupuncture. Being able to sit in a classroom without pain is great and I was not able to do that with the medications, he said. Dr. Iliana Robinson , a medical acupuncturist, treats Reali and other veterans at the VA Medical Center. Acupuncture is one of the things that should be tried first, said Robinson, who is also a gynecologist with Penn Medicine. The side effects are minimal to none when patients do try it, they are very grateful.

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