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in goop Health Summit Judging by all the shoppers milling around the Summits tightly-edited retail section, their wire baskets stuffed with mindful merch, the lifestyle maven is merely supplying demand. I mean, who CANT use a little Paper Crane Apothecary Psychic Vampire Repellent Protection Mist now and then, if you want it and can afford it? And if her new The Martini Emotional Detox Bath Soak , which contains Himalayan pink sea salt and chia seeds, can take the edge off during turbulent times or after a crazy day (and prevent me from attempting to do that with real martinis), I dont mind getting soaked for $35. Of course, more than just cookbooks, crystal-containing water bottles, reusable plastic bags and spiralizers, Paltrows selling herself. The mostly female attendees of the event (who paid $650 or $2,000 for all-day passes and one hell of a goody bag), were audibly excited when Paltrow took the stage, straining to see her and listening raptly to her kick-off speech. We at Goop have an insatiable curiosity, said Paltrow. We love data, but we also love the unexplained--the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle. As I padded around the airy event space (trendily done up in Danish Modern--there was even a Hygge Room for VIP lunchers) in the comfy fake-shearling slippers we were given at the door, I vowed not to fall for anything TOO inexplicable. (Another big criticism of Paltrow is that she advocates questionable alternative medical theories and practices .) But as a longtime journalist used to this beat, nothing on offer Saturday really phased me. I had some relaxing facial cupping (no marks, natch) with acupuncturist, herbalist and author Aimee Raupp, whose new book Body Belief: How to Heal Autoimmune Diseases, Radically Shift Your Health, and Learn to Love Your Body More comes out in March. Then I bravely (and quite publicly) peeled down my ATM sweatpants to accept an immunity-enhancing antioxidant shot in my glute, the best place for it, according to the folks at The Hydration Room. Next up was a breathing meditation with Desire Pais in the achingly chic Breath room.

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